mariemuffin, esquire (mariemuffin17) wrote in fangirlsformatt,
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a short matt-imonial

I first "met" Matt somewhere around late 2003-early 2004ish, i think in the midst of a Homestar Whiner moment. Matt, of course, has the most entertaining Livejournal entries known to me, so I read his journal religiously. Actually, I've read through most of his memories too, while procrastinating on the study-related activities.

I love Matt's flash animation (especially the sheep!) and his comics, although I barely caught the tail end of Dirk Crimson (what there is of it, anyway). SighWhatever is absolutely fabulous and i love it too. i'm addicted. i need more fixes, matt.

Besides, Matt is invited to the topless pillow fight. It means he rocks.
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