i live up to my ego (kayepants) wrote in fangirlsformatt,
i live up to my ego


fangirlsformatt is dedicated to satisfying Matt's enormous ego in an attempt to motivate him into giving us more posts and webcomics. Matt's fanboys are also welcome to provide motivation, although we expect it to be somewhat less effective, due to the lack of boobies.

Feel free to prove your adoration for Matt in any way you see fit (exceptions: see rules), but please remember to also comment on Matt's posts directly, as he is an attention whore.
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obnoxious first comment! :D
Oh god, you were serious.
you may delete it if youd like. i maintain my brain is fried from studying.
No, it's sort of funny, in this case.
We are the Matt Force

Girls (sometimes topless) with true adoration for his awesomeness.