i live up to my ego (kayepants) wrote in fangirlsformatt,
i live up to my ego

Uh oh!

Our darling Matt is hated.

See here.

(Yeah, forgot about that project. I'll get started on it next week, maybe?)
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I'm hated, too. Shit.
I'm trying to find the original post. Unsuccesfully, so far.
I tried, too. I didn't go back anymore after the first two pages because day-by-day = ugghhh.
Erm, found it.

... I bet that dude doesn't have fangirls, though.
It's like a big pit of people that have nothing better to do than criticize and complain. AND NOT EVEN ABOUT LAME THINGS >:/
I like to criticize and complain as much as anyone... but I think your icons are fun.
Yeah, I'm down with the criticizing and complaining, too. But generally about REALLY, REALLY awful things, and not where the people can see it.

(I am only getting so angry because my PRIDE is at stake!)
well, since the response "what a whore" is so eloquent, and retorting that all LOTR fangirls should be thrown in ovens is so classy, one would assume this idiot has no other purpose in life but to belittle others in order to elevate it's own lack of...brain cells? perhaps it shoudl pull its head out of its ass and get a life.
and stop with the ENVY. it seems to have such envy/jealousy to belittle webcomics. as if there aren't hundreds of thousands of webcomics out there that are egocentric.

Matt's comics are ego centric in an offhand sorta, tongue-in-cheek way. and hell, he admits it! and even more, we love him for it!

a healthy does of narcissism would stop such idiots from making such rude posts, because they wouldn't feel bad about other's talents because they'd have their own talents to enjoy.

so really, everyone needs a bit of ego to keep them going.

and Matt is AWESOME.
Hi, stranger. How are you, love?
not as swamped as you with covering for 6 people in your office! that's crazy!

things are good.

i'm interweb free at home, so i'm limited to livejournal at work.
hence my lack of posts and lack of reading.
i skim. =)

doesn't mean Matt doesn't deserve out Fan Girl LOVE!

A few others are helping out, so now I'm only doing the work of 4. Whee!