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review is here for sighwhatever. I think it's awesome that the comic has been positively talked about - and even the fanbase got a positive mention! We're open and supportive, if unfocused.

I also found that I agree with most of what the reviewer said, except that I love the Counterpoint/Pseu story more than he seems to (but I think knowing the characters with the context that we do, even if it's not in the strip, really helps me love them - I KNOW I'm biased). I agree that Matthew's art style is a welcome change to my webcomic agenda.

Anyway, go read the review. Agree? Disagree? Wish he'd said something else? something more? (been more enthusiastic?)

I'm only up because we had a fire alarm else I'd be more eloquent right now.

maybe this will make people buy t-shirts... then Matt can have them made and it'll be AWESOME.
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I'm going with wish-he'd-been-more-enthusiastic.
Yes, it was a decent review. I do wish he had liked it as much as we do, but oh well. It should get some people coming to look at it and they will be more enthusiastic.

And yes, people need to order more shirts! Actaully, i'm going to do that right now. I just got my tax return.
Yeah, I mean... he at least said he enjoyed the comic and liked it. I know it can get better than that but that's certainly GOOD even if not GREAT.
(I also wish Matt were happier about it).

yay shirts! which one are you getting?
I was going to get a I Heart Blank shirt, i already have a paperclip shirt on order. But i could not find a link for the store when i checked earlier today. :(

i had to look through the comm but i did find it. Matt should make the link more obvious! If us fans cannot find it, NEW people surely will not be able to.
I can't find it either.
Thank you. My shirt is ordered.
i do like it!
i think it's hilarious and fits in well with sighwhatever style.
He has a point. It's new, and hard to see where it's going to lead.
he had a very good point that it is at times clever for cleverness's sake. and that's fun, but not necessarily enduring. he has good gags and hilarious inside jokes with himself, but i could see a certain inaccessibility for non-fangirls.

i still ♥ matthew and his work, but i can completely see where the review is coming from.
I wish he had been more enthusiastic as well, but obviously he doesnt have the fangirl love. In any event, I think the review was a decent one. It is a new strip, so it is difficult to tell where it's going. Im sure it'll be fabulous though.