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Since we don't know if we're actually going to get t-shirts, and since there was no shirt offered of Tesla, I decided to take matters into my own hands.
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I knew I liked you for a reason

What an Excellent Shirt!
i totally love it :D
Ooh! If the t-shirts fall through, Matt could have people buy iron-ons!

I like making my own t-shirts. You're a damn genius.
ive been planning it for awhile, actually getting my butt out to buy the transfer paper was what took so long. and finding an iron.
I have an iron. I assume one would buy transfer paper at a store. what kind of store?

and do you have to have a certain kind of printer? because I only have a photo printer (which can print normal but ...)
i got the transfer paper from Target, but I know they sell HP transfer paper at office supply stores like OfficeMax and Staples, it's about $15 for 10 sheets. I used a regular inkjet printer to print it out, although the package says I can use a laserjet as well. It works so well with Matt's comic, since it's already in black and white. I did crop the jpeg and erase out all the background in order to just print out Tesla dancing.