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review is here for sighwhatever. I think it's awesome that the comic has been positively talked about - and even the fanbase got a positive mention! We're open and supportive, if unfocused.

I also found that I agree with most of what the reviewer said, except that I love the Counterpoint/Pseu story more than he seems to (but I think knowing the characters with the context that we do, even if it's not in the strip, really helps me love them - I KNOW I'm biased). I agree that Matthew's art style is a welcome change to my webcomic agenda.

Anyway, go read the review. Agree? Disagree? Wish he'd said something else? something more? (been more enthusiastic?)

I'm only up because we had a fire alarm else I'd be more eloquent right now.

maybe this will make people buy t-shirts... then Matt can have them made and it'll be AWESOME.
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