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I'm a Matt fangirl. [entries|friends|calendar]
I'm a Matt fangirl.

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Uh oh! [29 Jun 2005|08:14pm]

Our darling Matt is hated.

See here.

(Yeah, forgot about that project. I'll get started on it next week, maybe?)
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supersecret projects [07 Jun 2005|11:46am]

[ mood | secret. ]

I think we should cheer Matt up, so I'm digging up an old supersecret plot of mine. If you'd like to help, I need a somewhat clear headshot so I can photoshop you. I promise it will be funny and he will love it.

If you don't want to give me a headshot, but still want to participate, I can get you in other ways... lemme know.

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RIP [31 May 2005|11:17am]

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[11 May 2005|12:27am]

[ mood | blank ]

I came across someone using a sighwhatever avatar who didnt have Matt or sighwhatever listed as friends. yay! Matt's infecting the intarnets!

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[03 May 2005|08:36am]

[ mood | happy ]

Since we don't know if we're actually going to get t-shirts, and since there was no shirt offered of Tesla, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Tesla is my favoriteCollapse )
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Another review! (sort of) [03 May 2005|09:55am]

The WebComic List.
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review! [22 Apr 2005|05:00am]

[ mood | hooray! ]

review is here for sighwhatever. I think it's awesome that the comic has been positively talked about - and even the fanbase got a positive mention! We're open and supportive, if unfocused.

I also found that I agree with most of what the reviewer said, except that I love the Counterpoint/Pseu story more than he seems to (but I think knowing the characters with the context that we do, even if it's not in the strip, really helps me love them - I KNOW I'm biased). I agree that Matthew's art style is a welcome change to my webcomic agenda.

Anyway, go read the review. Agree? Disagree? Wish he'd said something else? something more? (been more enthusiastic?)

I'm only up because we had a fire alarm else I'd be more eloquent right now.

maybe this will make people buy t-shirts... then Matt can have them made and it'll be AWESOME.

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i heart sigh...whatever [15 Apr 2005|09:28am]


Is scurvy-boy really homosexual?

yes: manny is so hott
the lack of nutrition has confused his hormones
he is merely experimenting
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[30 Mar 2005|09:44am]

[ mood | excited ]

In case you haven't already seen it (and if you haven't, bad fangirl!), the SIGHWHATEVER SHOP!

place your orders now!

I ordered a t-shirt and a hoodie. I'm excited!

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[23 Mar 2005|12:54pm]

I wonder if we helped to inspire this t-shirt thing.
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PWNED [17 Mar 2005|08:26pm]

[ mood | grumpy ]

Now, you all SAY you're sighwhatever/Matt fans, but let's see your FANART!

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Sharing the love [17 Mar 2005|11:34am]

The first thing I hung in my new cubicle is a sighwhatever comic.
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[10 Mar 2005|08:07pm]

[ mood | withdrawls! ]

i think I am badly in need of a comic fix.

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Telepathy [04 Mar 2005|05:28pm]

Every time I start to think about harassing Matt for a new comic, he posts one.
We're that good.
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Do we get t-shirts? [23 Feb 2005|11:44am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I think I like Matt because he has a character named Ricky, and my name is rikki. And Ricky is an aborted fetus, and I, too, was once a fetus (though obviously not aborted). I feel a real connection there.

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a short matt-imonial [22 Feb 2005|11:31pm]

[ mood | stressed but entertained ]

I first "met" Matt somewhere around late 2003-early 2004ish, i think in the midst of a Homestar Whiner moment. Matt, of course, has the most entertaining Livejournal entries known to me, so I read his journal religiously. Actually, I've read through most of his memories too, while procrastinating on the study-related activities.

I love Matt's flash animation (especially the sheep!) and his comics, although I barely caught the tail end of Dirk Crimson (what there is of it, anyway). SighWhatever is absolutely fabulous and i love it too. i'm addicted. i need more fixes, matt.

Besides, Matt is invited to the topless pillow fight. It means he rocks.

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Welcome! [23 Feb 2005|01:09am]


fangirlsformatt is dedicated to satisfying Matt's enormous ego in an attempt to motivate him into giving us more posts and webcomics. Matt's fanboys are also welcome to provide motivation, although we expect it to be somewhat less effective, due to the lack of boobies.

Feel free to prove your adoration for Matt in any way you see fit (exceptions: see rules), but please remember to also comment on Matt's posts directly, as he is an attention whore.
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